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Don’t Start Without Me!

OK, never mind…I’ll catch up. I was about to ask when the next Round of Words in 80 Days began, and then I realized it already did. First, I fall off the wagon, then I miss the boat. I have … Continue reading

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The Race Card

I want to include a diverse range of characters in all my stories. In my lunar shorts, it’s easy to imagine that the settlers on the Moon represent a wide range of nationalities, ages, familial situations etc. With the incorporeum … Continue reading

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The Big News of 2014

In a mutual decision between author and publisher, The Cities of Luna will no longer be published by Distinguished Press. Last night I finalized the dissolution of my contract to publish my short stories with Distinguished Press. Since Sheepless in … Continue reading

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The Value of the Moon

The Value of the Moon By Charles Radley   The Moon weighs 83 times less than the Earth, and by the rocket equation it means it is hundreds of times cheaper to launch material from the Moon than the Earth.    … Continue reading

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Steamypunk, Lunar Shorts, and NPH Goes Bollywood

And how are these three things related, you ask? Well, they aren’t. They’re just what’s occupying my brain today. That, and preparing for my youngest daughter’s birthday party while chastising my teenage daughter for burning through all her lunch money … Continue reading

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The Night Before my New Release

The Moon is Almost Full. This has new meaning to me now. Starting this month, every time there’s a full moon, I will release a new short story in The Cities of Luna. This month, the stand-alone story is Moon … Continue reading

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By the Way, This Character’s Not Caucasian

Diversity. I want to embrace it, not hit the reader over the head with it. In one story, I have a daughter intertwining her brown fingers with her father’s darker ones. That’s about the only clue the reader gets to … Continue reading

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Wednesday Update on Friday

I couldn’t re-use the title “I’m a little loopy” although I really, really wanted to. This week’s interview had…er…issues… I also missed doing my Wednesday update this week. So…what do I do? I post my update on Friday! What’s going … Continue reading

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I Totally Forgot

Yeah, I totally forgot to do a writing update last night, and I’m kinda busy today. So I’m not going to be interesting and I’m not going to link up (although I still love you all!) I’m just going to … Continue reading

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Meet My Character Blog Tour

When KG Stutts tagged me, I had no idea what character to choose. My concentration is currently on The Cities of Luna, which is coming out this autumn from Distinguished Press. (KG is also a Distinguished Press author.) Because The Cities … Continue reading

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