SciFi Q of the Day: Hot Beverage

SciFi Question of the Day: If a distraught spaceman stumbled into your living room, what kind of hot beverage would you offer him?

Facebook Answers:

  Al Hartman Prune Juice, or Tang…

  Gower Power Sheldon Cooper says a hot beverage is called for, so Tea I guess 🙂

  Felicia Kata-Munno Tea C:

  Terry Morgan Jack Daniels

  Dede Pazour All roads lead to Starbucks…

  Daniel Beard Bourbon

  William J. Teegarden Raktajino, what else?

  Anthony Falvo Diet Snapple

  Caroline Glenny As an Englishwoman it would have to be a cup of sweet tea!

  AmyBeth Fredricksen But Caroline … in the US, “sweet tea” is a concoction most common in the south, which is cold ice tea with a LOT of sugar in it… surely a good Englishwoman would give him, oh, Earl Grey? Hot?

  Caroline Glenny I’m thinking a good old fashioned hot cup of whatever tea was on offer at the supermarket last week! 🙂

  Gwendolyn Wilkins Coffee, if I had it. All distraught spacemen drink coffee!!!

(Hmmm….gonna have to go out and buy some….) ;P

Google Plus Answers:

  Moe Tousignant  Point to Tassimo, point to shelf of 12 or so options.  Say “take your pick”

  paul burns  A cold beer!

  paul burns  OK a hot beer then lol

  Paul Carroll  Tea. It helps with everything. And obviously I’d need to offer a hot towel. Unless he has one of his own. (And where would a spaceman be without his towel?)

  michael interbartolo  Tea, because it is most likely the Doctor or maybe River Song in that spacesuit.

  Laston Kirkland  I can do tea, coffee, or cocoa in less than sixty seconds. I can add rum or vodka or amaretto on request. Calm down, stop waving the hand blaster… what are you doing in my kitchen acting like that, and where are your manners?

  Jenn Kirkland  Which species? Time Lords usually need tea. Vulcans, um… plomeek soup? No idea what kind of hot beverage your average Cylon needs…

  Moe Tousignant  Yeah my first answer was beer, but then I noticed ‘hot beverage’ that changed things.

  Jenn Kirkland  Oh, and for the record, if it was the Doctor showing up in our living room, our nine-year-old would approximate fish fingers and custard, make him a cup of cocoa (but never beans, bad bad beans) and then demand to go with him.

  Tiffany Marshall  Hot chocolate.

  Miaka Kirino  Tea. Because tea fixes everything.

Also because we don’t have coffee and we only have cheap cocoa. We have very nice tea, though, because I insist on quality tea.

Twitter Answers:

Babseth  Eric Satchwill Earl Grey tea.
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