SciFi Q of the Day: Dream Cars

SciFi Question of the Day: If we had the technology that allowed you to cheaply order a car with modern innards but looking like any pre-2000 car, what would you choose?

Facebook Answers:

  Robert B. Fredricksen ‎1969 R/T Dodge Charger.

  Geri Bressler ‎1963 Volkswagon Superbeetle…but I’d rather have the original workings. So much cheaper to fix and easier to keep running! Oh…but I’d really need AC. Seriously. Good AC. Like Arctic even.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen ‎Robert that’s not the one that was too big for me to get into without jumping, was it?

  Kathy Gormley Willyard ‎82 Plymouth Reliant …my first car

  Gwendolyn Wilkins That really is a toughy – there were so many beautiful vehicles in the 20th century.  Unfortunately I don’t know makes and models well, but let’s got with one of those big black cars from the 30’s you’d expect a Chicago gangster to drive 😉

  William J. Teegarden ‎1930 Duesenberg Dual Cowl Phaeton, or 1936 Auburn 852 Supercharged Boattail Speedster, hands down.

  Robert B. Fredricksen  

  Geri Bressler The Duesenberg was awesome…I have to admit that.

  Kevin McCullen Roadrunner Superbird. Lime green. High tail spoiler (stood up above the roof line). Just like the one I saw at a gas station in the Arizona desert when I was about 12.    Muscle Car Reviews: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird

  Robert B. Fredricksen You are thinking RAM Charger, I’m thinking sexy Coke bottle shaped car. However you were cute driving my lifted RAM Charger!

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Oh! Hubby wants a Dukes of Hazzard car… I should have known!

  Robert B. Fredricksen YES, but Black with R/T stripe in yellow!

  Geri Bressler Bo Duke was hot

  Tony L Vissoc AMC Pacer.

  Zoe Derri Jaguar S II

  Emily Becker Priest ‎’64 1/2 mustang forest green for my mom… to replace the one she totaled as a teen.

  William J. Teegarden  Or this..

Google Plus Answers:

  Linda Dean  1982 Ford F-150. Black. With Pegasus tires.

  Karl W.K.   lamborgini countach. i’d like a hydrogen fuel cell engine in it too, please.

  Karl W.K.   and paddle shifting with that too, please.

  David Foster  Reminds me of those MPAA ads asking if you would download a car. The answer, of course is, as fast as I can bring up bit-torrent.

  Erik Swiger  1967 Volkswagen Bug; 1967 Chevy Chevelle; and 1984 Honda Prelude.

Perhaps a Jeep Commanche pickup too.

  Brittany Constable  ’38 Coupe.  My stepdad has one and I lurve it.  Or maybe a Packard convertible.  One of those old rum-runners.

  Erik Swiger  +Brittany Constable Ever see an old Cord?  Beautiful cars.  I’d take a Packard or a Duesenberg any day, too.

  Erik Swiger  +Karl W.K. Whoops!  I forgot the Countach in my list!

 Brittany Constable  Oo, the Cord is nice, too.  I flipped through my stepdad’s big old book of classic American cars and discovered that my taste definitely runs to the cars of the ’20s and ’30s, which I guess isn’t much of a surprise, because so much of my other tastes favor that era as well.  So now my stepdad’s keeping an eye out for something for me.  Husbandperson wants a Morgan, but that’s probably only going to happen if we win the lottery or otherwise become independently wealthy.

It’s funny, husbandperson and I have actually talked about the viability of either putting out fiberglass kits of old cars that are made to run with electric or biodiesel engines and modern mechanics, or just actually producing the finished product.  I love the look of the old cars, but not how they drive.  (Though the ’38 has power brakes and steering, which makes life easier.)  Purists might consider it sacrilige, but if we were to get our hands on a classic car, we’d definitely modernize it.

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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9 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Dream Cars

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  2. vulpinoid= says:

    A Delorean…just to screw with people.

  3. Another Question:
    If you could have either the superpower of flight, but you had to wear a cape, or the superpower of telekinesis, but you have to wear spandex (with nothing over it) which would you choose?

  4. And another…
    If everyone around you suddenly started chanting “One of Us… One of Us…” in monotone, would you A) Chant along, and hope not to be noticed? B) Look around you, head snapping like a startled chipmunk, and shout WTF? or C) Run

  5. One more…
    If you could have a bouncy castle that looks like the bridge or control room of any space ship or station, what would you choose?

  6. Can a little moon orbit a big moon? CAN MOONS orbit in different planes? How manyvplanets in a Goldilocks zone?

  7. Can you really build a city on Rock ‘N Roll? Just how would one go about doing that?

  8. If you were an AI, and always had been, but were given an opportunity to live in a pre-fab, self-designed human body that would eventually die with you, would you choose to stay an AI or choose the mortal coil?

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