SciFi Q of the Day: Little Green Men Changing Lightbulbs

SciFi Question of the Day: How many little green men does it take to change a lightbulb?

Facebook Answers:

  Geri Bressler   Lightbulb? What…oh…many apologies! It was quite tasty, though…

  Al Hartman   Change it to what?

  AmyBeth Fredricksen   Dessert, apparently…

  Gwendolyn Wilkins   I would assume a minimum of two as using the hover beam on something that small will need at least two to handle the controls.

(Of course you didn’t ask how many would be needed for the probing afterwards – that one is at least five since they do like to watch) ;P

  Bernard Hildebrand   None. There’s no such thing as lightbulbs.

  Box O’ Munchkins   Why Men? Could it be Green Alien Women like in the pilot of Star Trek?

  AmyBeth Fredricksen   They’re actually androgynous, but the English language does not have a proper non-gender-specific term.

    John DeChancie It takes two, one to put in the bulb, the other to deny the existence of UFOs.

  Daniel Beard   They are green because they are phosphorescent. therefore they have no need of light bulbs. therefore they would not even recognize there was a problem, and no little green people would change the light bulb.

  Santi Fabrellas It takes four. One is holding the ladder, the second one has the lightbulb while the third one is climbing the ladder. Then, when the third one is up there, gets the old bulb and gives it to a fourth one while the second one gives the new bulb to the third one. Of course, this is the minumum number of green men, it depends on how little they are, and how big is the ladder, we might need more than four then…

Google Plus Answers:

  Ashley Wade  I don’t think any green man would be changing light bulbs. They’d be too busy hanging over the toilet bowl.

  AmyBeth Inverness  ~rimshot~

  Ashley Wade  🙂

  Randy Hilarski  No idea?

  Valkyrie Page  Little green men have advanced technology. They don’t use light bulbs.

  Charles Barouch  Green men conserve energy. The bulb stays off!

  Stephen Gilbert  Most of my knowledge of little green men comes from E.T., so I’d say their fingers are the lightbulbs.

  AmyBeth Inverness  I thought those were little gray men?

  Samuel Falvo II  Technically, E.T. was a little brown man.

  AmyBeth Inverness  I think I’d be called racist if I asked a question about little brown men…

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