Release Day for Precipice

Today is a huge milestone in my life and career as a writer. Today, my first story was published in an anthology.

I’ve been linking up with prompts from Write on Edge for a couple of years now, since they were still using the name The Red Dress Club. It is a wonderful way to network with other authors. I always enjoy seeing what different takes people have on the prompts each week.

Write on Edge announced they were seeking submissions for an anthology about the same time as I had my first mammogram. I had a lump. Fortunately, it was a just a cyst and nothing to worry about. But that little scare was enough to inspire me to write Abandon which is my contribution to Precipice.

Although it’s cliché, I must first and foremost thank my husband. Two years ago when I wanted to do NaNoWriMo, he insisted that “this time” I actually send something to an agent or publisher. I don’t think he expected to wait this long before seeing my name on a book widely available through Amazon and other markets, but he’s stuck with me and supported my writing habit through it all. Next I must thank the rest of my family who have shown love and support for me in this endeavor, especially my kids who have heard so frequently “don’t bother Mommy… she’s writing.”

Thank you to Geri and Heather who are always ready and willing to critique anything I send to them, and another thank-you to all those who specifically beta-read and commented on Abandon. I am proud to have this story be my first published work.

Thank you to all my friends, both the up front and in person kind and the many virtual connections I have made in the blogosphere, facebook, Google Plus and twitter. Your interaction is invaluable and uplifting.

Thank you to the loving God who creates, challenges, and inspires me.

Lastly, thank you to the editorial staff at Write on Edge who made this anthology possible. It is truly a work of art. You and all the participating writers are to be congratulated. I am honored to be included in your company.

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I have another short story in a contest right now. I would love it if you would click the picture to see the contest site, then click “vote” for me. You can read the story on-line. If you are feeling extra generous, you can also write a review. Thank you!

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