I finished the year sick. Halfway through November I came down with Bronchitis. Mid December, still recovering from Bronchitis, I went to orientation at UCCS and picked up a stomach bug that did very nasty things to my innards for 24 hours. When I went to see the doctor for that, she told me I also had a UTI.

I’m taking waaaay too many prescriptions at the moment, but I trust my doc. And if being sick now means I can be healthy for the beginning of school in January (I’m finally finishing my Bachelors degree in History) then it’s worth it.

I technically won NaNoWriMo by passing the 50k wordcount by the end of November, but I still need to finish the story. I also set aside two other WIPs to do NaNo; I need to finish them as well.

That’s the goal for next year.


The big change coming up is going back to school full time. I’m excited and happy and really looking forward to it! UCCS is an incredible school with a lot to offer. With two Associates degrees under my belt, I’m going in as a Senior. I have a lot of transfer credits, but I also have a lot of specific credits to complete. I’m not overloading. I’m taking twelve credits, which is the minimum to be full time. I was also able to schedule myself primarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is nice.

I’m eager to see how school meshes with writing. I’ll have lots of work, including reading and writing, to do of course. The nice thing is the campus. UCCS is related to CU  Boulder and CU Denver. It’s a beautiful campus, tucked around a big hill in the middle of Colorado Springs. It has all the usual academic buildings, dorms, student center, arts building, and a brand new health complex. No football stadium, but that’s not something I’ll miss. (Maybe sometime during the year I’ll drive up to Boulder for a game. Maybe CU vs CSU but that’s a story for another time.)

The library has gorgeous views of Pikes Peak, and a plethora of places to sit and study (or write!) They also have a couple of tradmill desks, also with views of Pikes Peak. Tables in the student center, snack bar, and places all over campus are designed for students to sit and hang out. Or study. Or write.

This could be perfect.

Finishing the Bachelors degree is the beginning. I’m strongly considering continuing for my Masters, and who knows what lies beyond?

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