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Han Shot First

When I first started my blog, I planned to carefully type every post into MS Word, proofread it carefully, and then copy and paste it into a well formatted blog entry. That lasted a day. I do sometimes start with … Continue reading

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Interview With Kat Brauer

Kat Brauer is a writer of speculative YA and romance, and recently signed with Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency. She writes, reads, bakes, takes photos, and the list of talents grows too long for a short bio! Currently, she … Continue reading

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The Good Things People Do

I am constantly impressed by the good things that people do. Although there are plenty of people out there using social media for shameless self-promotion (heck, I do that daily!) there are also many who use it to spread the … Continue reading

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Years ago, we had a foster child who would become overly agitated whenever he had to make a choice. For example, offering him cake or ice cream for dessert, he knew he would be missing out on one if he … Continue reading

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TRDC Pride

Normally I would put stories from The Red Dress Club prompts on Under Loch and Key, but that part of the blog is fiction, and this week’s prompt is definitely not. Okay, here’s your chance. For this week’s RemembeRED prompt, … Continue reading

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Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Never in my life have I experienced such a tangible wave of collective consciousness. I took a very brief break from my WIP to check twitter, and the news that President Obama was about to address the nation was on … Continue reading

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I write what would be classified as “Soft Science Fiction.”  You will not find anyone yelling “Captain! The reactor’s about to blow! We must do something or the galaxy is doomed!” Yet, still, it is Sci-Fi, andtherefore based on an … Continue reading

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